180 AMSTERDAM, Juni 2004

Making an Impression
180 AMSTERDAM, Juni 2004
Independent 180 Amsterdam managed to produce this month’s cover story, while launching a global football campaign for their founding client adidas (see “Road to Lisbon” also in this issue) and meanwhile move to new beautiful offices. The new 180 Amsterdam office is situated in a double canal house on the Herengracht, neighboring the Mayor of Amsterdam’s official residence. The international creative agency is very busy and continues to produce campaigns that get the world talking about their clients. Last month 180’s client adidas was awarded advertiser of the year in the One Show. The picture shows 180 Amsterdam’s Cover Story team, from left to right: Dutch Project Manager Duco Muller, Italian/South African Art Director/Designer Dario Nucci and Irish Studio Artist Pearse Gaffney and American Executive Creative Director Peter McHugh.

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